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Renovation Loans

Renovation Loans

Your home is likely your largest asset, but home improvement plans and the opportunity to build equity may require more funding.

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Whether you want to update a room to better fit the needs of you and your family, or you want to increase your home’s value and equity, Texell's local mortgage experts help navigate great rates to find a loan that checks all the boxes.

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Funding Home Renovations

There are often multiple ways to fund your home improvements, and our Home Loan Heroes are available to help guide you through the options to find the best one for your unique needs. 

Often, the easiest and most cost-effective path is through either a refinance of your existing mortgage or a home equity loan.

Frequently Asked Questions:

At Texell, we have several options for funding your projects. We welcome you to contact one of our Home Loan Heroes to determine your best path by calling 254.774.5104, filling out the inquiry form on this page, or apply here. Your rate will be based on which loan product best fits your needs.

This will depend on which loan product you choose and your particular situation. But the answer may be yes. We recommend you contact us to determine the best loan for your needs and then consult with a tax expert to be sure.

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