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Do's and Don'ts

To ensure your mortgage loan process goes smoothly and to avoid delays, follow this simple advice.


  • Provide Texell with ALL copies of the purchase agreement (initial contract and any additional amendments signed thereafter)
  • Check your email frequently during the loan process
  • Provide any documents requested within 24 hours of Texell requesting them
  • Continue paying all mortgage payments and other obligations on time
  • Stay at your current employer throughout the mortgage process
  • Let your loan officer know if you plan on receiving gift funds for closing
  • If purchasing, start shopping for a homeowners insurance policy and let your loan officer know your insurance company
  • If purchasing, provide a front and back copy of your earnest money check and proof that it cleared your bank account


  • Make any major purchases (car, furniture, etc)
  • Apply for new credit
  • Make any large deposits/withdrawals
  • Make any employment changes throughout the processing of the loan
  • Start any home renovations 
  • Deposit cash or any other funds that cannot be traced
  • Close any revolving credit accounts without consulting with your Loan Officer first
  • Panic if you are requested to provide additional documents
  • Obtain any new debt